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Meorawr 08-28-12 11:55 AM

Awesome, no need to worry about more crash bugs then.

Downside is I still have to keep the Monochrome option limited, 'cause it will crash the client :p

galvin 08-28-12 02:12 PM

From looking at the save file of the new power auras. It keeps our old 4.x auras backed up?

Meorawr 08-28-12 02:13 PM

Yeah, it's just in case I change my mind on the idea.

Unfortunately that does mean it's wasted memory effectively, but it shouldn't be horrendously large. I'd rather say "yeah, we can go back on this decision because you've still got those settings" than have to say "sorry, no dice".

If it's a major problem, we can just tell users to delete the tables (running this ingame would do it):
Lua Code:
  1. /script PowaSet = nil; PowaGlobalSet = nil;

Dalmasca1 08-28-12 02:15 PM

Regarding that bug with the pet Spell Off Cooldown functionality: It seems to be working in the newest build. I must've been behind on the updates.

Did you already add that spell name/id feature to the GUI for aura icons (under the Edit Name dialog)? I can't seem to get the icons to change from the default WoW "W" icon.

Meorawr 08-28-12 02:19 PM

It's in the RC1 release, which I put out about 20-30 minutes ago. The 'Edit Name' option in the aura editor includes a new textbox for using a spell name/ID as an icon.

galvin 08-28-12 02:25 PM

For dragging auras can we have a shift left click as well. Control is used for vent, so I to use right control to drag and makes it a little uncomfortable.

My backup is 300k, so I'll probably just delete it. I can always hack it back in if needed. So its safe to delete the key "backup"?

Meorawr 08-28-12 02:29 PM

300k? Christ. Yeah, completely safe to delete that table. I was going to put in some actual compression for encoded data strings, but it's one of those nifty things I haven't gotten around to.

Re: ctrl-click, I'll make both of them work.

Taking the evening off from working on the addon, if you report any bugs I'll take a look tomorrow unless they look like critical issues.

galvin 08-28-12 02:34 PM

So now that I'm starting to make more than one aura and have multiple parent and child displays. The section for parent display dialog is getting really confusing and this is only going to get a lot worse once I push past 20 auras.

So the suggestion is to have it show all the parent displays, and if you want to pick a child display of another parent display, just click on the parent display and it will show a list of child displays.

Also haven't tried this yet, but is it possible to create an empty aura display and use it as an anchor for multiple auras?

Yeah I had around 117 auras, most of them were not used much since they were for outdated raid encounters.

Meorawr 08-28-12 02:38 PM

I'll limit the dialog to showing displays within the current aura. I'll maybe consider limiting the input also only accept same-aura links (cross-aura is supported, but buggy).

Yes, it'd be possible to use a blank aura as a single 'anchor'. I'd recommend a Texture for that, just stick the opacity to 0 and don't check the 'Use Ability Icon'-esque setting. For activation, just give it a static trigger and invert it.

Configured like that, it'd draw exceptionally little CPU load whatsoever - it'd be immeasurably small.

galvin 08-28-12 02:44 PM

Before today I had 2 auras. Each have 2 child displays. Parent display numbers were single digits.
Today I make a 3rd aura the same was as the other 2. But now I'm seeing 128 as the parent display. Did the indexing get changed and will this cause an issue for the 2 auras I made the other day. Or should I delete the first 2 and recreate?

Meorawr 08-28-12 02:48 PM

Is the parent display on aura #2? Just need to check that.

The constants were changed a few beta releases back (the last one that wiped profiles) - I can change the constants without needing a reset, but it's significantly easier to do it with one.

In short: 1-127 = Aura 1, 128-255 = Aura 2, ... up to a maximum ID of 32640 (127 * 255). The upper 32.6k (32641 - 65280) are reserved. Same rule applies to actions.

The limit only exists so the editor doesn't have issues, since it compacts data about what you're currently editing into a single 32 bit number, with 2 bits for a type ID, 16 for the resource ID, 2 flags at 1 bit each and 2 subresource ID's at 6 bits each.

Mikari 08-28-12 02:56 PM

Thanks for adding the duration edit box under animations, they work much better now that I can set them to 0.3 seconds

galvin 08-28-12 02:58 PM

Aura Browser
Fury - 2 auras
Arms - 1 aura

Fury display 1
#2:timer (parent display 1)
#3:stacks (parent display 1)

Fury display 2
second aura
#5:timer (parent display 4)

Arms display 1
#2:timer (parent display 128)
#3:stacks (parent display 128)

So I guess this is correct since arms is the second aura. Calling these auras is confusing since the display is actually the aura :)

Meorawr 08-28-12 02:58 PM

@Mikari: Before you ask (if you ask), the Bounce animation is intended to use the speed slider, as it doesn't have a 'fixed' duration - it's based upon the decay rate and speed mostly. It uses physics that don't apply in the real world, because it's more fun that way.

@galvin: Can you remember when you made those initial auras? I'll double check to see when the constants changed last. I haven't made any code changes with the ID system otherwise in weeks, if not months.

galvin 08-28-12 03:09 PM

Well I used your late night release you linked above. But those auras are really fresh made no longer than yesterday I think.

but it fits 128+ is for the second browser aura. So the first 2 make sense to use parent display 1. And the second aura using display 128. It fits with what you said, so I don't see any issue.

Also have you taken more thought on combining aura browser and editor? The more I use it the more I wish both were combined. I'll be making a lot of displays (auras).

Meorawr 08-28-12 03:11 PM

Ah, I didn't see the last part of the post so I wasn't sure. I checked the constants anyway, the ID related ones were last changed 5 days ago, and the editor flag constants were changed in beta 3 - but those don't affect anchoring.

galvin 08-28-12 03:51 PM

This pixel offset when you go into the editor is that a bug? Forgot if you said its a bug or intended. Thing is it makes it hard to position displays anchored to another display when they shift when you go out of the editor.

Meorawr 08-28-12 03:52 PM

Bug, #willfix

I just put the fix off 'cause it's not the nicest bug to deal with. The pixel shift should be exactly 20 pixels, if it helps.

judoka 08-28-12 04:45 PM

So I updated to the new power aura just now. It seems that I do not have any of my previous auras. Are they permanently lost?

Meorawr 08-28-12 04:46 PM

See this announcement. But yeah.

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