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Adaratain 03-14-11 09:00 PM

Bartender Question
Is it possible to have a different button placement for each profile? I am trying to set up a different button configuration for a separate profile, and all i can seem to modify is the bar placements and sizing in different profiles, but not the button placement. Is there any way to get this to change? Or is it not an option that bartender can modify?

Akkorian 03-14-11 11:26 PM

What do you mean by “button placements”? As far as I know, you can only move bars in Bartender4, not move individual buttons separately from the bars.

brotherhobbes 03-15-11 12:02 AM

if you are talking about where your skills are located on the bars, then no, bartender does not change that with profiles.

where the skills are placed on the bars in bartender mirrors the regular wow action bars and the placement is saved on the wow server. log into your character on a different computer and your skills will be in the same spot!

Rigorous 03-15-11 01:36 AM

i think maybe you're looking for something like this?

Adaratain 03-15-11 07:45 AM

thanks for the info/help

oimmuk 03-15-11 11:48 AM

What I have done with mine is to set up the bars where I want them on my main. I next go onto my alts and copy the profile from the main then populate the bars for the alt. Works well, so far. When I change to secodary talents it keeps those as I left them. You might also want to shrink the number of buttons on a specific bar as well, you can do this down to 1 button, I have one with just my attack button on it and use it for an assist. To make it assist you set this up in the configuration window I believe either second or third tab. I choose who to assist with the F-Keys and mouse click it and I am on that target attacking.

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