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Shaloom 08-26-12 04:08 AM

just made donation to access supporters forums
Just made a donation an hour ago, hope i get added to the supports forum and would urge all to donate to try an get this updated for mop

schwim 08-28-12 08:43 AM

In my very humble opinion, donating will only cause things to continue as they are now: We get no bug fixes, they keep the addon listed as active for the donation windfall on expansion day and we get a band-aid over Burning Crusade's version of Carbonite. Look at the lack of content updates and bug fixes for Cata. Check the forums for people who have donated over a month ago and the devs can't even be bothered to give them access to the donator's forum. Also check Rythal's contributions to this thread in which he explains how far removed the code is from the current game's needs. The addon authors didn't bother using the beta to try to get us a working addon for patch. They will fix only what's broken once enough people have donated. Then they'll drop it again.

Don't reward the addon authors for their desire to keep you donating with nothing to return for it just because you want carbonite to work in MoP. Find someone that is actually working toward giving you something and reward them. If that's Rythal and he gets permission to release it, give him your money. If it's this guy, then give him your money. Don't give money to people that are happy to take it in return for ignoring you, not doing a single thing to the addon in an expansion except for pushing out the out-of-date nag window and can't be bothered to code anything until it's already broken beyond use.

faerosong 08-28-12 04:35 PM

I donated months ago and never got supporter access

gleiNNek 08-28-12 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by faerosong (Post 260616)
I donated months ago and never got supporter access

ditto - donation made a month ago. no access yet.


Antelope 08-28-12 07:09 PM

I donated years ago and still have yet to gain access to these elusive supporter forums.

schwim 08-28-12 07:29 PM

Well, it's not much, but you guys can take solace in the fact that you didn't miss anything in the supporters forum because there has been no addon development or support for a very, very long time.

Xarl 08-29-12 01:53 AM

It is sad to see that carboniteaddon ( faatal ) and Haavok where online this Month and no word from them at all. Especially since this Addon has such a big Fan Base.

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