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Daveo77 12-12-13 01:33 PM

Skada InfoPanel Bug
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Skada is overlaying the right infopanel (it's infopanel is always present, even if I change to say XMage's Infopanel). This prevents other infopanels from being clicked on, like XMage & Professions.

Seems Skada isn't hiding when changing InfoPanels, since patch 5.4.2 when live

Daveo77 12-13-13 05:48 PM

Have added a screenshot of what is happening in relation to this bug.

lairdofdeath 12-13-13 11:40 PM

yea this is happening to me too :(

Xrystal 12-14-13 06:06 AM

Me wonders whether skada changed their public access frame to another name .. that visual happens I have noticed when the infopanel hasn't captured the frame properly but the frame remembers the last position setting the infopanel applies.

In essence it has applied the setpoints correctly but has not been able to parent it to the infopanel properly.

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