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Mordralis 08-30-17 10:19 PM

Quest Hog
Upon loading after the new patch update this past Tue, I was met with a list page of EVERY quest that I had done, from vanilla to current! This was listed on a huge opaque page that took up half of my screen. So I tried the old method of diagnostics - disable every addon, login, then enable one at a time, logging in after each one. Hours later, the culprit was found...Carbonite. As long as Carbonite is disabled everything is fine. I've even tried loading each of the modules under Carbonite one at a time, and checked every setting in each one to see if there was anything remotely related to viewing quests. But in the final analysis, it was the Carbonite master mod. I had no problem with the maps, tracking or anything else...just this huge display taking up half my screen with all quests.
I've currently disabled Carbonite until I can get assistance in a resolution, which I hope is soon. I've used Carbonite since before Rythal took it over, and am hooked on it!


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