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totalpackage 10-29-08 11:39 PM

InFlight - Updating default data
I'm starting this thread to request that InFlight users submit their saved variables for InFlight. If you take many flights and would like to contribute, please do so. Seems like you can attach the files to your forum posts.

InFlight especially needs WotLK Northrend data for both Horde (all) and Alliance (mainly Dalaran and other quest-enabled flightpaths since my lowbie can't get them). Cartographer locations also appreciated. It would be nice if the people get it before release. Don't blame me if data is absent or not up-to-date on your path to 80.

Note: Please use the addon comment system for general feedback.

The location of the saved variables file is <Your WoW Directory>/WTF/Account/<Account Name>/SavedVariables/InFlight.lua.

Tylius 11-10-08 02:56 AM

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Here you go!

Azza2 11-10-08 10:38 AM

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Hope this helps, Horde flightpath timers. Doesn't have every combination but its data collected for pretty much over a year in use by 5 alts.

Gemini_II 11-10-08 03:10 PM

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This should contain mostly Horde data for at least a year... hopefully... maybe... it's possible... stranger things have happened...

Anthea 11-17-08 01:35 AM

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Added some

vpr 11-22-08 05:12 AM

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Sorry about that - looked in the wrong saved variables folder...

Again: Alliance Side

rovingpulse2 11-28-08 05:33 AM

Alliance Side Timers
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Some new timers for flights in Northrend.

totalpackage 11-30-08 06:20 AM

Thanks everyone. All of the above data should be updated in v3.0.006.

mizrolist 11-30-08 11:14 AM

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Some Alliance flightpaths...

Laibeus Lord 11-30-08 11:22 AM

Here's mine
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please see attached InFlight.lua file. For Horde Northrend. (All Unlocked, however not all FP's used. There are data for multi-stops as well. As far as I am aware, I am only missing 1 FlightPath - Nesingwary FP, all other "Phase FPs" were unlocked (again, I think :p )

Zidomo 11-30-08 12:17 PM

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Posting this while I think about it; if I wait to see if v3.0.006 contains them, I may not remember to submit anything again ;).

Includes various locations not contained in v3.0.005a.

totalpackage 12-01-08 01:16 AM

Updated as of v3.0.007.

Aesir 12-01-08 01:41 AM

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3.0.006 and prior. About to update to .007.

Laibeus Lord 12-02-08 01:16 AM

New Update
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New submission.

I noticed after the latest update, the FP Icon on my cartographer shows double of each FP Icon when I visit the FP again. So I deleted everything recorded on Northrend and I took the flightpath each and again.

I also had a chance to get timer data for some FPs as I did some back-and-forth flights, although these are few.

Anyway, attached are InFlight.lua and InFlight_Load.lua


strobert 12-02-08 11:15 PM

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Here's mine (from ver 3.0.006)

totalpackage 12-02-08 11:41 PM

Updated as of v3.0.008.

Thanks Laibeus Lord. I had to get the Northrend Horde data from another source, and the coordinates didn't have enough precision.

Laibeus Lord 12-03-08 02:33 AM


Originally Posted by totalpackage (Post 111291)
Updated as of v3.0.008.

Thanks Laibeus Lord. I had to get the Northrend Horde data from another source, and the coordinates didn't have enough precision.

Ah, I see.

I'll upload as soon as I get to collect additional data, I'll try to get as many back-and-forth flights as I can. (I didn't bother before coz I was playing Alliance :p )


Zidomo 12-06-08 02:41 PM

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Providing Northrend flight paths (Alliance) recorded on a new saved variables started on install of the most recent v3.00.008. Several are not present in that version.

I don't pay close attention to the Cartographer2 flight path notes provided by InFlight that are present/missing. But providing the InFlight_Load saved variables for the most traveled character as well.

Tylius 12-06-08 05:13 PM

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More Northrend data

totalpackage 12-18-08 01:27 AM

Updated as of v3.0.009.

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