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Svegan 04-05-18 07:20 PM

Minion Status
I found, and managed to get this working on Fedora 27, and I would love to know if it is still being maintained. I could try to reverse engineer the java version I have, to keep it current for the next expansion. I would love to do away with windows completely, and if this works well, I may be able to. Recent changes to wine have increased the fps in WoW to a point close to native windows. This addon updater is a good replacement, since twitch has never come with anything that runs on linux, so I hope someone updates this, or at least points me to the original source code, to let me try to build it on linux.

Dolby 04-12-18 11:11 AM

Yes, right now we are working on some of the backend stuff. Minion client hasnt really needed any updates lately because a lot can be configured and changed from our api.

What did you have to do? You should be able to download the java jar version and run it? (at the bottom)

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