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rodrigolinhares 01-19-20 12:47 PM

Can't detect or update some addons
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I have 2 problems:

1 - One of my addons (Details Damage Meter) has a newer version available but Minion doesn't seem to know that, since there's no prompt to update it. Is there a way to force it to scan for new updates?

2 - Minion can't see one of my addons (RCLootCouncil). I tried removing it manually and then searching on Find More, but it also can't find it there.

I'm on Window 10 64 bit.


Seerah 01-19-20 02:21 PM

RCLootCouncil isn't available on this website.

Likewise, the version for Details on this website is from January 6th.

fleonard4 11-05-20 07:20 PM

Not working yet...
It missed at least half of my addons....

Even if it can't manage them, it should show them all.

Seerah 11-07-20 12:45 PM

Are all of your addons hosted on this site? If not, and those are the ones not showing in Minion, what exactly do you expect it to do with them?

DahkCeles 11-08-20 11:40 AM

I've never used Minion, but I presume it has some sort of list of installed addons. I suppose an unrecognized one could be listed but 'greyed out' to say it knows something is there (from reading the folder names and TOCs) but has no idea what it is?

That's the only thing I could think of this person wanting; to facilitate 'addon management' more broadly than 'addon downloading' ?

Shadeflayer 11-12-20 11:33 AM

Minion v4
Minion v4 has been in the works for 2-3 years apparently but no obvious way to find out its progress via the app. With players being forced off of Twitch and onto Overwolf, many don't want to go to Overwolf due to past shady practices, such as selling user information and excessive ads. Minion seems like a reasonable, and super simple option. I used it in ESO and it worked great.

So, where is Minion on the development path and will it support as many addons as Twitch, and Curse prior to that? Or will we be forced to manually manage our addons again of forced to use Overwolf?

Ekaterina 11-12-20 04:45 PM


It supports curse, tukui and WowInterface. It's open source and free with no adds.

Kkthnx 11-13-20 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by Ekaterina (Post 337574)

It supports curse, tukui and WowInterface. It's open source and free with no adds.

Using a non-official app to update addons from Curse robs us authors of any protentional revenue. Correct me if I am wrong about this!

Mod authors get 70% of the app's revenue, so by using CurseForge you help reward your favorite creators with just a click of a button.

Also the fact everyone keeps claiming Overwolf is bad without proof is silly.

Another thing that pisses me off is Wowhead advertises these unofficial updaters as well.

Other addon creators are pissed as well.

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