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m00finxo 11-29-14 01:33 AM

Moonfire/Sunfire aura tracking.
I am currently unable to configure the realui aura tracking (the buffs/debuffs above the castbars) to track moonfire and sunfire at the same time, even when i set the two auras up with the exact same settings it will show one but not the other; moonfire seems to take priority with most settings, though sometimes it wont show either.

Also unable to find any errors in bugsack relating to this.

I assume this is due to the merging of the two skills into 1 button, though ofc, I cant be sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :)

HearthCore 11-30-14 11:28 AM

You might need to set them up using spellIDs.

m00finxo 12-02-14 12:23 AM

They are set up using spell IDs by default, however it still doesn't work. Still can't find a workaround for it either unfortunately.

Gethe 12-02-14 02:01 AM

Moonfire and Sunfire are already part of the default debuffs, though they should only show when in Moonkin form. Is this not correct?

Just to be sure the correct spellID is there, put this in chat and press enter:

/run FindSpellID("Moonfire", "target", true)
This will output the spellID for the debuff the next time it gets applied. Then do it again, but with "Sunfire" instead.

Karyy 12-02-14 05:40 AM

If I run that command, and input the ids (164812, 164815) it no longer tracks. I did that after the screenshot.

I do seemingly remember this wasn't an issue before 6.0

I've tried a bunch of different ids that correspond to sunfire and the tracker won't show up.

EDIT: Changing the min level that the aura shows up fixes it.

anubis06660 12-02-14 04:55 PM

I added sunfire as a separate ID, and left what was in there alone. The original tracks moonfire only, from my experience. Since the NA serrvers are down, I can't grab the id. When they're up I'll reply with the info.

Nibelheim 12-03-14 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by Karyy (Post 301576)
EDIT: Changing the min level that the aura shows up fixes it.

Sounds like it may be another problem with the IsPlayerSpell() check, which setting the Min Level bypasses. IsPlayerSpell() also doesn't return true for DK diseases like Frost Fever. Only happened since 6.0.

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