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jeruku 10-06-12 10:24 AM

People want good quest data but they won't have that if there's no place to show it.

"You must first choose the canvas before you can paint."

Cherle 10-06-12 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by jeruku (Post 266060)
People want good quest data but they won't have that if there's no place to show it.

"You must first choose the canvas before you can paint."

There's no point in having a canvas if you have no paint. I honestly have no use of the map if I don't have the quests, period.

moondoggy 10-06-12 11:38 AM

I say maps /w enemy player detection!

Xiyn 10-06-12 01:24 PM

Maps, Please for the love of all that's good and sane in the world. I cannot stand the default maps, they're an eyesore and make finding my way around all but impossible without the ability to zoom, set waypoints and resize. (Using mapster for now, but its just not the same)

I use wow-pro+tom tom for my questing, but the map... /shiver

lasaia 10-06-12 02:28 PM

Both features are important, but I think questing should be a priority at the release of an expac as people are leveling their army of alts.

Elizerain 10-06-12 04:16 PM

First thing is thank you for all the work u are doing Rythal..:) I am also lost without Carbonite. I would say to work on maps. Maps are very important for any game eventhough I voted for quests. :oI want to change my vote for Maps.:o

The loving Pandaren Shaman.

DanComputerX 10-06-12 05:54 PM

I can use WoW Pro for quests; I don't have a substitute for the Carbonite maps.

But do whatever you prefer. If this isn't fun for you then I get nothing :-)

txamethyst 10-06-12 09:11 PM

i'm going with the majority - maps are usable as-is, even with problems

while we can progress through a zone on our own, proper quest tracking helps immensely.

thank you ;)

pqee 10-07-12 03:08 AM

My vote is for maps. The majority of people have always asked for the maps to be a standalone addon. Then you started working on one. Why change that all of a sudden?

The only reason people want quests is because of the xpac. As time passes while you work on them, the priority for it will fade. There are also many other quest tracking addons. There is still nothing like the Carbonite maps yet and people have been waiting for one since Carbonite came out.

AnthonyK 10-07-12 06:57 AM

If your talking priority, I'd say the maps. Especially if it means getting rid of the big black mini-map (the non-transparent circle) in some places. But I'd hate to see carbonite change what it was. I'd like it to keep all of it's features. That's why I love it so much.

Lelandki 10-07-12 07:19 AM

My Vote - Maps.

As to Quests....I am not sure what the issues people keep talking about. I have no issues with the quest in Carbonite. I am able to find what I need. If a quest comes up (been a few) with Not in Database, then I flash back to my early years of playing WOW (ya I am one of the few here that has played Beta till now) and just figure it out. Read the quests, they tell you what to do. Come on, use that thing above your shoulders you cover with a hat. :D:D

Rythal, this can not be said more, thanks for all the help you have put into this.

Meganbtoo 10-07-12 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by tinyu (Post 266021)
WoW If your so dependant on Carbonite for its quests that you CANNOT quest with out it, I suggest you quit WoW now seriously.

IMHO Start the modularization.

Your first comment wouldn't be linked with your desire for maps first would it? :D

Goranth 10-07-12 10:40 AM

Awesomest map bug to date. Logged in fying in Org. but according to Carb I was somewhere between Azeroth and Outland on that old switch-between map. LOL Zoomed all the way out and in and it become Org again, but it was worth a chuckle.

That said, flawless Map is the most useful. Between common sense and the Alt+L/Alt+M for backup, I am surviving with the quests as is. The map bugs are bugging me the most.

Thanks Rythal for considering our input! I also echo the sentiment though, that whatever you prefer or have had most progress in should be your path. We want our remaining volunteer Dev to be happy and interested LOL:banana:

WeaveDiva 10-07-12 11:13 AM

for me, the map bugs are kinda minor...having to go to wowhead or whatever to figure out where the hades something is supposed to be when i don't even know what zone the quest ends is tiresome, so i would love quest info first! as much as i like exploring and just playing the game, it takes much longer to level stuff when you have to spend lots of time hunting for your quests!

love all the improvements...keep up the great work :)

Hanter 10-07-12 11:21 AM

Id like to see the maps cause then i could possibly be able to know where the heck i am in pandaria without having to look at the wow default map all the time.

balynevil 10-07-12 01:38 PM

Moar Maps Please
I just signed up to:

Say Thanks!!!
Vote - Maps Please

Honestly, the map is what made this addon great. Without the maps, you can just cobble up a few other questing / navigation adds ons and get most of the functionality that Carbonite has. Heck, as frustrating as it is, the standard blizz quest log is fine. Just add Lightheaded + TomTom and you are pretty much good to go on quests. Once QuestHelper is back online, that will be all I need for questing.

Carbonite maps were the most awesome mapping UI change of all and would love to have it back. Just being able to scroll the maps, zoom in/out, easily set way points and paths, change map zise on the fly, auro hiding in combat, etc... everything else the addon did was just icing on the cake.

Temptress 10-07-12 01:45 PM

I vote maps, most of us are already lvl 90 and if you're working on another toon then you're already familiar with the quests.

dhjohn 10-07-12 01:53 PM

I vote quests.
Mainly because my computer can handle carbonite as is, but quests are very helpful.

Also, those voting maps because you want maps improved, that is not what Rythal said he was doing. He said he would split it into its own addon, not make imrovements to what is there. That would probably come after splitting it up.
(If I am wrong and Rythal does plan to improve it, never mind on that part...)

Temptress 10-07-12 01:58 PM

What I understand is that Rythal plans to modularize carbonite starting with the maps section as the basic core of which all the other modules will rely on. I vote maps so he can begin the modularization process, fixing quests at this time will just slow down the whole project.

elpumpo 10-07-12 03:02 PM

maps or quests
MAPS...above all else. The most unique thing about Carbonite is its maps and minimap. No other addon offers maps and minimaps this detailed or this good. There are many addons offering quests, both free and for sale. Please make the maps your priorty and please get the minimap back on line...........thank you, wywy

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