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Nimhfree 10-07-12 03:57 PM

I vote for maps simply because there are other addons that can do other aspects, and if one were to work on something novel it would be maps. Once that is done, people can vote on other aspects and most likely someone will chime in and say "but that can be handled by addon Foo" and then a lovely debate can ensue about whether it would be better to have addon Foo integrate better with the new Carbonite maps or whether the module that covers the abilities of addon Foo needs to be updated, etc.

Choonstertwo 10-08-12 03:36 AM

Thank you for all the work you're doing Rythal.

Personally, my vote goes to fully functioning maps (I don't mind if they're a separate AddOn or not). The map already works very well; but some Pandaria zones have separate maps for certain subzones (e.g. Greenstone Quarry in the Jade Forest), these cause your position on the zone map to be wrong.

Zarggg 10-08-12 06:49 AM

In all honesty, I'm perfectly fine using Blizzard's own quest tracking system, now that they've included their own map blobs. :P

I like the map system in Carbonite, though. If there was a maps-only "light" version, I'd probably just use that.

elpumpo 10-08-12 02:20 PM

Maps or Quests
MAPS for sure should have top priority, to me its a "no brainer". There are tons of Quests programs available, including WOW's own program, both free and for sell. But, I ask you, is there any map program even remotely comparable to carbonite ( including their mini map which lights up the mines, fishing pools, herbs, etc.)?..NO there is not.....maps. maps, maps..please RY. Thank you very much for your hard and dedicated work on this great program RY.

Mortauk 10-08-12 03:11 PM

I voted for quests. I Just wanna say this... I really appreciate you asking and although I'm sure you may be sick of it... thanks for all the work!

huntedknight 10-08-12 11:39 PM

I voted Maps as I already have an addon for the quests ... "Dugi Guides" so having a specific map addon seperated would be awesome !!

WhaleTune 10-09-12 03:04 AM

Map and Quests IS Carbonite
Maps and Quests IS Carbonite; one without the other is another product entirely.

Seriously, we need quests working. Watered down projects are a thing of the future (as in maps only) and should rather easily be garnered from total project work (as in a subset of).

Please get the quests the votes are showing in favor of.

Thanks! Nice work so far...I can imagine it is quite a job weeding through all the old code. :)

Also, might I suggest a Kickstarter project for you can afford to bring in other programmers to really clean up the Carbonite project, improve it, and take out a lot of the mumble-jumble coding to make it easier for YOU to update too. Most importantly, to move along the development more rapidly. But best of all, you not putting the entire load on your own shoulders. :)

tiredoldman1 10-12-12 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by DanComputerX (Post 266090)
I can use WoW Pro for quests; I don't have a substitute for the Carbonite maps.

But do whatever you prefer. If this isn't fun for you then I get nothing :-)

I also would rather have the maps fixed first. Then you can do the hard part which is the Quests.
One without the other is useless IMO. But need the maps first.

Inmunda 10-12-12 11:36 AM

carbonite map is unique, map plis

HamarSkald 10-14-12 06:54 AM

I use both features extensively and would love to see both working. I'm not really interested in stand-alone parts of Carbonite.

BTW, just want to add my thanks for taking over and all the hard work you've been putting into Carbonite.

Cerridwenns 10-14-12 02:07 PM

As a player that has played since late BC and played the Cata and Pandaria betas, the maps are the biggest thing to me. I have had to do plenty of questing with nothing but the default blizz UI and while the quest log and tracking isn't that bad by any means, their maps are absolutely horrid. Questing isn't that hard as long as you read the quest and take a few seconds to think about what it tells you.

DHubert 10-15-12 08:13 AM

The problem is both maps and questing is interconnected. The maps are a joy to work with being that you can resize and zoom and set waypoints on them. However, the quest blob that are placed on the Carbonite map and the quest points and question marks are equally as important. I am not sure which is weighing more heavily.

IMHO the maps slightly edge out questing only because there are other options. There are free add ons for quest info as well as guides you can purchase to aide with questing.

I hate the Blizzard quest watch list. It is difficult to see and you cant resize it. Carbonites quest watch list is a true joy to work with especially for those who are vision impaired (like me). They are Resizable and adds color so you can keep track of exactly what you are doing.

Therfore, I think Rythal should work on whichever one he feels is the easier fix first... whether that takes a week or several months... I, for onr, can wait.

Thanks again Rythal for undertaking this huge task to keep one of the best WOW add ons viable.

shelleybrush 10-18-12 06:40 PM

I really really really would like both quest and maps.
I have played wow for years now and like the idea of
not having to keep up with a bunch of add ons.
The all in one is what I liked the most about Carbonite.

ldyviper 10-19-12 01:37 PM

quests please.. I can live with maps .. do what you got to do though... I understand if your in middle of something .... I'll just wait... YOUR DOING A GREAT JOB... hug

mcaran 10-19-12 03:28 PM

My Opinion.

Phase 1: Do a new features freeze to fix every single functionality.
Phase 2: Split the addon into modules as planned since the beginning
Phase 3: Start to add new features to the addon.

Maybe you can split the development as well. There are many good programmers out there that knows WOW interface and they could be responsible to update/dev new features to a specific module.

Again my opinion. Donīt do everything alone to not loose your social life.

Rallo66 10-19-12 10:50 PM


Originally Posted by Rythal (Post 265981)
Ok... I'm trying to find out once and for all since i'm coming closer to moving onto my next stage or work, but so many people are complaining about quests not working 100%.

What do "YOU" want first, working quests.. or Map split into it's own addon with no extras (the start of modularization).

It's the map functions i use most. Especially the "goto", the gathering and -most important- the notice functions.

I would wish the notes were more conveniant to use, and shareable between computers.

For the quest parts i use wow-pro, which i really would like to have in carbonite, or as a part of it :-D


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