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Scale 03-04-08 03:43 AM

Looking for a few addons
Hi everbody,

I havent played in like a year and im looking for a few addons or information if there still even possible to use.

1. SelfCast triggered when not targeting anything or an enemy.
2. cooldowncount i did find this addon but it didnt seem to work is that just me or cant it be used anymore?
3. SCT options see SCT everywhere but cant find the options panel :S

Thanks allot!

Ayameth 03-04-08 04:27 AM

1. the self cast is now part of the default Blizzard interface ( the configuration can be done in the interface menu ) if active you will self cast when targeting an enemy or targeting no one at all

2. If your looking for a cooldown addon on the action buttons I recommend OmiCC :

If your looking for cooldown bars addon :

3. To show up the SCT/SCTD option menu type /sct menu or /sctdmenu in the chat bar.

Hope this help and welcome back to the game ;)

Scale 03-04-08 05:04 AM

Cool thanks!

Omnicc looks great, only when i do /sct options i get error missing ill try downloading maby a new one will fix this.

Ill try when i get out of DM :P

Scale 03-04-08 06:23 AM

Thanks works like a charm!

Sepioth 03-04-08 04:43 PM

All the latest SCT add-ons can be found HERE

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