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Clarkey 06-23-11 09:49 PM

[Mage] Haste or Mastery
I'm not looking for someone to tell me how to gear my toon as I've hit 85..
No, I've been 85 for a long while now and I'm just confusing myself with numb3rs.

I'm torn between Haste or Mastery for arena.
I've been playing Haste for a long long time but I've just reforged / ench / gemmed for Mastery, as my 3s partner requested I try it.

I've noticed damage increase compared to my hastey days but I just don't feel comfortable and I don't know why (haaalpppp)

I've always kept the target frozen as much as possible when I was hastey so it's not like my mastery points are going to waste.

As I've wrote this thread, I'm not sure what I want from you as a discussion.. I suppose, just a headcount really of what stat you magic PvPers go for and why, I'd love to read through all your opinions etc.


Dawn 06-23-11 10:53 PM

You most likely don't feel comfortable because you can't do as much in the same time as before in the same amount of time. Personal preference and play style is important for PvP - more than it is for PvE, where it's purely about min/maxing.

I'd say stick with what your comfortable with if it makes you play better in the long run.

bestwarrior 07-17-11 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by Dawn (Post 239865)
I'd say stick with what your comfortable with if it makes you play better in the long run.

Dawn is completely right. Personally i would say go for Mastery for extra dmg. for your spec, but haste decreases your spell/swing time..i would say try and even it out maybe.

Dainton 07-17-11 03:11 PM

If you're playing as Frost then yeah definitely Mastery. Both Mastery and Crit are better than Haste for arenas now.

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