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Duugu 03-19-14 06:46 PM

SecureHandlers and 'equipmentset'
Holla everyone

I'm working on my action bar addon an would like to support equipment sets from the Blizz equipment manager.

I've found the following code in SecureHandlers.lua:

Lua Code:
  1. local function PickupAny(kind, target, detail, ...)
  2.     if (kind == "clear") then
  3.         ClearCursor();
  4.         kind, target, detail = target, detail, ...;
  5.     end
  7.     if kind == 'action' then
  8.         PickupAction(target);
  9.     elseif kind == 'bag' then
  10.         PickupBagFromSlot(target)
  11.     elseif kind == 'bagslot' then
  12.         PickupContainerItem(target, detail)
  13.     elseif kind == 'inventory' then
  14.         PickupInventoryItem(target)
  15.     elseif kind == 'item' then
  16.         PickupItem(target)
  17.     elseif kind == 'macro' then
  18.         PickupMacro(target)
  19.     elseif kind == 'merchant' then
  20.         PickupMerchantItem(target)
  21.     elseif kind == 'petaction' then
  22.         PickupPetAction(target)
  23.     elseif kind == 'money' then
  24.         PickupPlayerMoney(target)
  25.     elseif kind == 'spell' then
  26.         PickupSpell(target)
  27.     elseif kind == 'companion' then
  28.         PickupCompanion(target, detail)
  29.     elseif kind == 'equipmentset' then
  30.         PickupEquipmentSet(target);
  31.     end
  32. end
  33. function SecureHandler_OnDragEvent(self, snippetAttr, button)
  34.     local body = self:GetAttribute(snippetAttr);
  35.     if (body) then
  36.         PickupAny( SecureHandler_Self_Execute(self,
  37.                                               "self,button,kind,value,...",
  38.                                               body, button, GetCursorInfo()) );
  39.     end
  40. end

Doesn't that mean that a frame that inherits SecureActionButtonTemplate will support the type 'equipmentset'?

Unfortunatly something like
Lua Code:
  1. frame:SetAttribute("type", "equipmentset")
  2. frame:SetAttribute("equipmentset", "<nameofavalidset>")
does not work.

Does someone know if "equipmentset" actually is a valid value for "type"?

Phanx 03-19-14 07:05 PM

Based on that code and the API documentation for PickupEquipmentSet, it looks like you need to use the set index, not the set name, and I'd expect this to work:


frame:SetAttribute("type", "equipmentset")
frame:SetAttribute("equipmentset", 4)

If you want to let the user enter a name instead of an index, you can find the index like this:


local function GetEquipmentSetIDByName(name)
    for i = 1, GetNumEquipmentSets() do
        if GetEquipmentSetInfo(i) == name then
            return i

I'm not that knowledgable about the equipment set API in general, though... if the indices are not fixed (eg. they can change if the user renames the set or adds a new set) then you probably want to store the set by name, and check its ID every time something changes.

Duugu 03-19-14 07:21 PM

Thank you white cat.
I've tried this:

Lua Code:
  1. local button = CreateFrame("CheckButton", "testbutton1", UIParent, "SecureActionButtonTemplate, ActionButtonTemplate")
  2.     button:RegisterForClicks("AnyUp")
  3.     button:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "CENTER")
  4.     button:SetHeight(50)
  5.     button:SetWidth(50)
  6.     button:SetAttribute("type", "spell")
  7.     button:SetAttribute("spell", "1459")
  8.     local button = CreateFrame("CheckButton", "testbutton2", UIParent, "SecureActionButtonTemplate, ActionButtonTemplate")
  9.     button:RegisterForClicks("AnyUp")
  10.     button:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "CENTER", 0, 55)
  11.     button:SetHeight(50)
  12.     button:SetWidth(50)
  13.     button:SetAttribute("type", "equipmentset")
  14.     button:SetAttribute("equipmentset", "1")

The first button does work (at least on my mage *g*).
The second button still does not. :/

I've created a set named "test". GetEquipmentSetIDByName("test") does return '1', so I'm sure that this is the right index.

I've still no idea what's wrong with it or if "equipmentset" is even a valid type. Any other ideas?

Vrul 03-19-14 08:01 PM

That code from SecureHandlers.lua is for handling dragging. The code to handle clicking/using a button is in SecureTemplates.lua, specifically the possible options for "type" are the entries in the SECURE_ACTIONS table. Based on that you will probably want:

button:SetAttribute("type", "macro")
button:SetAttribute("macrotext", "/equipset test")

Duugu 03-19-14 08:05 PM

Oh. Ok. I'll use a macro. :/ Thank you.

But why the hell do they implement draging for a type that is not handled?

Vrul 03-19-14 08:28 PM

Those were possible returns from GetCursorInfo that it was checking.

Duugu 03-24-14 12:28 AM

I'm again digging into this. Now with flyout buttons. :)

I've finally managed to set up a flyout button without using the type "action".
Lua Code:
  1. btn:SetAttribute("type", "flyout")
  2. btn:SetAttribute("spell", <flyoutnumber>)
But ... I didn't found a way to support a pick up action for the button.
Right now I'm picking up the button via the flyout id and the PickupSpellBookItem.

Lua Code:
  1. local name = GetFlyoutInfo(value)
  2.     local found
  3.     local spellName = ""
  4.     local i = 1
  5.     while true do
  6.        local spellName = GetSpellBookItemName(i, BOOKTYPE_SPELL)
  7.         if spellName == name then
  8.             found = i
  9.             break
  10.         end
  11.        if not spellName then
  12.           do break end
  13.        end
  14.        i = i + 1
  15.     end
  17.     if found then
  18.         PickupSpellBookItem(found, BOOKTYPE_SPELL)
  19.     end

But, well ... this is unsecure. Is there really no way to support dragging flyout buttons from the button frame without using "action" and an action id?

Lombra 03-24-14 05:49 AM

I have no idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't. If you want to make real custom action buttons outside of the action scope (in API terms), it's suddenly a whole other deal. There's lots of events and function for "actions" only.

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