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crazzzzi 06-24-10 07:26 AM

i just upgraded to 5.06.25 and now it won't play with carbonite, it is generating over 1000 lua errors, wonder if it's the add-on that put carbonite in the lower right hand box? gonna try and cut and paste the error box(i never did it before)

Xrystal 06-24-10 07:34 AM

First, go read the carbonite forums. At present the carbonite developers don't have the 3.3.5 patch so are unable to do any major fixes with it. But there were several suggestions for trying to fix it based on the changes that were done here thanks to Vis posting the object name changes there.

You may have to live without carbonite if it is still broken after following their suggestions and turning off the infopanel plugin for the time being.

crazzzzi 06-24-10 12:56 PM

thx Xrystal changing those 2 lines seems to do the trick :)

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