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Corpsefondlr 10-17-10 05:18 PM

chat box
I am not sure how to fix the fact that when i type in my chat box it covers the lower left Action bar so i can't use it. how do i move the Active Chat Box to the top of the Chat window? is there a fix in the making. i love the addon and will continue to use it no matter what but would like to be able to use all my action bars. and i know there are posts already about Holy Power coming up but was just wanting an update if there is one. thank you for all you do and as soon as i get my next paycheck i am gona make a donation to help with the development of this addon.

spiel2001 10-17-10 09:38 PM

This is *not* being caused by nUI... it places the chat box in the top of the chat frame. If the chat edit box is appearing at the bottom of the chat frame then you have another chat mod installed that's doing it... Chatter, Prat, WIM... etc. You'll need to use the chat option settings in that addon to move the chat box.

griffonwing 02-15-11 08:13 PM

I have only one addon active. nUI. I did have bartender, but deactivated it.

However, my textbox is at the top of the chat area, when there is a visible location for the text box to be at the bottom.

I understand that, what looks to be a text bar, is actually an action bar. However, I would like to edit this and move it around. How would I go about doing that?

spiel2001 02-15-11 10:05 PM

You can move the action bar using the command '/nui movers' -- you cannot move the edit box though. It is placed at the top of the chat frame on purpose because it is out of the way there and only ever overlaps of chat text... rarely needed when entering a new message.

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