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Synchrony 01-02-15 10:44 PM

Mod macros & talents
Hello, hello.

I use mod macros on all my characters to group abilities by type (CC, defensives, movement, interrupts/stuns, etc.) to maintain consistency across specs and characters.

For example, my priest has:


/cast [mod:shift] Shackle Undead; Void Tendrils

to cast Void Tendrils when I press "F", and Shackle on Shift+"F". Of course, Void Tendrils is a talent, and if I decide to change which CC talent I'm using to Psychic Scream or Dominate Mind, I have to change the macro as well. I know they've recently changed talent buttons to swap automatically when changing talents, but it doesn't work in macros.

My question is, how is Blizzard changing talent buttons automatically? Is it possible to do it in a mod macro? If so, how?

Vrul 01-02-15 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by Synchrony (Post 304276)
Is it possible to do it in a mod macro? If so, how?


/use [mod:shift] Shackle Undead; [talent:4/1] Void Tendrils; [talent:4/2] Psychic Scream; Dominate Mind

Synchrony 01-02-15 11:34 PM


However, that seems to only work when the talent is the no mod key. Can it work if the talent is using the mod key? I just tried using it on my monk and it seems to want to use the first two abilities it encounters. I may be doing it incorrectly, though.


/use [mod:shift] [talent:4/2] charging ox wave; [mod:shift] [talent:4/3] leg sweep; paralysis

(Generally, I wouldn't use it this way anyway, because the talent option is the one I need access to more quickly. This is just for argument's sake.)

I assume there's an issue with trying to use [mod:shift] twice in a row?

Also, can I ask why, in your example, Dominate Mind didn't have a "[talent:]" portion?

Seerah 01-02-15 11:41 PM

this means 1 or 2

[condition1, condition2]
this means 1 and 2


Originally Posted by Synchrony (Post 304284)
Also, can I ask why, in your example, Dominate Mind didn't have a "[talent:]" portion?

Because it's the last in the list. If none of the prior conditions are met, you want it to cast that one.


Synchrony 01-02-15 11:52 PM

Thank you, Seerah. Believe it or not, I'm not a programmer. My macro needs aren't usually too complicated, though, so I manage for the most part. :o

Vrul 01-03-15 09:00 AM

As Seerah said it would need to be:

/use [mod:shift, talent:4/2] Charging Ox Wave; [mod:shift, talent:4/3] Leg Sweep; Paralysis

Or you could switch it around:

/use [nomod:shift] Paralysis; [talent:4/2] Charging Ox Wave; [talent:4/3] Leg Sweep

Use whichever is easier for you to understand.

Synchrony 01-03-15 11:16 AM

Thanks, Vrul.

I'll likely stick with [mod:shift], just because the logic of the other is still hard to wrap my head around.

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