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Alinna 09-07-18 10:38 PM

Scrolling Damage text
Ok...been using Real UI since Wrath. Took a break last year, came back and did a total reinstall. But something I noticed is that even though MIK is an included addon, I don't see the text for incoming/outgoing damage, heals, debuffs, etc...

And I can not for the life of me figure out how to get it to show up now. lol

Anyone able to help a brother out? :)

GMRod 09-10-18 08:38 AM

So, did you just install MIK with the RealUI pack, or separately?

My first suggestion would be to install it again, but from the RealUI Zip file.

Does the addon show up in the list of addons when you log in?
Can you access the config screen within the game?

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