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judoka 08-28-12 04:52 PM

oh ok cool - that does make a lot of sense. I will start creating new ones today.


judoka 08-28-12 06:03 PM

Is there an activation for holy power? I am not seeing it with the new version.

Meorawr 08-28-12 06:04 PM

Unit Power covers it.

judoka 08-28-12 06:05 PM

Thank you for your quick reply.

Meorawr 08-28-12 06:48 PM

There's an error that can occur when using the editor in RC1. It's fairly rare, but it'll probably bite you in the end. It's not a serious one, and if you do run into it then I've posted the change needed to fix the error - it'll be fixed in the next release (tomorrow).

galvin 08-28-12 06:58 PM

When you left click an aura to edit. It doesn't show a green border around it.

Meorawr 08-28-12 07:03 PM

The aura itself never had a green border. If you mean displays however...Can't reproduce :(

Are you testing on live or beta, and is the client fully downloaded? If not, it could just not have downloaded the texture yet.

galvin 08-28-12 07:11 PM

When you're in the editor the display on screen has a green border so you know which one you're working on. But its not consistent. This is when I have a texture that uses the buff/debuff as the texture.

Well its not a green border, but looks like one when you're working with textures and have the textures use the buff/debuff texture. So what was probably happening is the green part was getting hidden behind the buff texture so I couldn't see it.

This is on live.

Also came up with a better way to do anchor. Give it a condition that can never happen. That way its visible when you're in the editor, but invisible when not. Not sure how much CPU this adds by doing this way.

Edit: Ahh setting to static, then invert makes it so its visible when editing, but invisible when out of the editor.

Meorawr 08-28-12 07:31 PM

If by an 'impossible condition' (for anchoring) you mean, for example, anchoring a display to ID #4468564, then that'd be even less costly than the other method in terms of CPU, but the behaviour is somewhat undefined, so you're relying on an implementation detail there.

In addition, you wouldn't be able to export the aura I think. Depends how I handle it.

It's a micro-optimisation point anyway, you'd probably need to play the game for several hundred hours before it'd have added about 1ms of execution time overall.

galvin 08-28-12 07:35 PM

Well I wouldn't want to export the anchor. I'll rarely if ever export by aura. I'll only export by display.

Well right now I have it set to static, invert, and all support triggers turned off. This anchor type of system is really handy for me cause I have around 5 auras that I can move at once instead of moving each one at a time.

galvin 08-28-12 08:22 PM

I do a see a problem with exporting child displays. I assume that when you export a child display that its position will be recalculated so it appears in the same spot when imported?

Meorawr 08-28-12 08:26 PM

I'll make those decisions when I come to them. I might just make the position reset to the center of the screen, easier to do and less bug prone.

Stabilo 08-28-12 08:41 PM

Duplicated child displays sitting on top of each other would actually be preferable to me vs. resetting it to the middle. The way I use this addon, I'd have to change one numerical value (x or y) to get my display where I want it, since im copying displays that will be similar and clumped in the first place (like a grid of cooldowns).

I use multi-level anchoring when putting up many displays that need to stay at the same place relative to each other. so link every new piece to the previously made piece, so i already know by how many pixels I need to set it off.

For me, copying the mother display -settings to a copied display would be more hassle than help, i guess.

Dalmasca1 08-28-12 09:00 PM

So, I figured out how to make a textual display indicating how many whole Burning Embers I have, but is there any way to detect how many fractions of an Ember -or "emberbits" as they've been called on the forums- I have?

Right now, I'm not able to input decimal values like "1.2" when I have "Absolute Values" checked for the resource monitor.

Meorawr 08-28-12 09:01 PM

I'll take a look at it tomorrow and make the adjustment to allow it. Thanks :)

judoka 08-28-12 09:57 PM

Maybe I am not seeing it, but I cannot find a way to change the display of an aura. Is that implemented yet?

Dalmasca1 08-28-12 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by judoka (Post 260707)
Maybe I am not seeing it, but I cannot find a way to change the display of an aura. Is that implemented yet?

Yes, it is. What exactly are you trying to do? Change a texture display to another texture?

judoka 08-28-12 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by Dalmasca1 (Post 260715)
Yes, it is. What exactly are you trying to do? Change a texture display to another texture?

Right now I have the default icon used for auras. I would like to change the icon to something else. Normally the icon would be the icon of the spell or buff you are tracking (from old power auras). I want to make a custom aura with an icon to represent it other than the default one.

judoka 08-28-12 10:23 PM

Changing the way the display looks - so far it only gives me the default one which looks like this sorta ( )

judoka 08-28-12 10:26 PM

Nvm I got it - its under style - to change the picture of it.

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