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Ollem 08-07-12 03:03 PM

I had in the trigger nothing, I don't know what it's exactly in english, cause it's translatet into german ;) but I changed it and the aura didn't work.

I'll try it tomorrow again. Hopefully I'll find the mistake ;)

Meorawr 08-08-12 03:22 AM

I'll try and take a look tonight, if my connection works then (but it hasn't connected at all for about ~14 hours so far).

When you say it doesn't work, is it always showing or never showing? If it's always showing (even when you don't have a target) then it's a known bug that'll be fixed in the next release.

If you want, you can do a /powa export ingame and it'll export your entire profile. Paste it here and it might help a bit :)

Freebaser 08-09-12 02:38 AM

With the 5.0 version, I'm not sure the Power Auras "Classic" name is justifiable.

I'll see myself out...

Meorawr 08-09-12 07:44 AM

Right, going to make this clear again because I'm sick of people ignoring it:

This is an alpha-quality release.
The UI is in an alpha-quality state.

Feedback is incredibly useful, so long as it's constructive and helpful. In the vast majority of cases, it has been incredibly useful. However there's still the lingering issue of people complaining about <x> and throwing their toys out of the pram because they expected a release-quality system.

I'll just quickly explain how our development process has worked in regards to the UI:
  • We started off with hardcoded profiles and saved variables. They weren't even stored in the saved variables tables, they were just hardcoded into the addon. Every change we made had to be reflected in these because otherwise we'd get errors.
  • Next, we moved that stuff into the saved variables system we have now. This didn't change much, because we still had to manually edit them every time we changed something
  • Then we worked on the UI intended to be used by developers. This made it a lot easier, but the intention wasn't for it to be pretty/super user friendly, because it's a temporary UI.
  • Now (as in, this second) is where I'm at now. You're all still on the previous step. This one is basically the 'end-user' UI, which is obviously designed to be less of a pain than the development one.

You might be wondering what the point of using the development UI is. In a nutshell, the alpha was put out for two reasons:
  • Because people asked for it.
  • Because we needed the systems to be tested. The UI was a low priority, but feedback on it has been useful to see what could be kept/scrapped between the two.

Now I've gotten that off my chest, here's the tentative plans for the next couple of releases (hopefully one on Saturday, but no promises):
  • Reworking the UI of the Sources system: The plan is to add a "Sources" subcategory to the "Style" section. The Sources subcategory will contain options such as using a buff/debuff icon as a texture, and an option for copying information from the activation triggers. Optionally, you'll still be able to manually configure the sources of a display.
  • Timers/Stacks/etc: The ability to 'link' these to existing displays (in a 4.x way) is another high priority. I might work on this right now, but the idea is you'll be able to just click a button and it'll handle the 'advanced' stuff like activation/sources automatically, and will only provide editing options for animations, style and display actions.
  • Trigger/Source Types: I'll finish off the remaining triggers soon (the last ones are fairly basic). Sources will be expanded upon greatly soon.
  • Animations: The animations UI will be overhauled later on, and will include a 'basic' (4.x) style one for creating looped animations. The advanced triggered animations system will remain in place, of course. The basic editor will mirror the current Sounds editor.
  • Custom Triggers: Self-explanatory, you'll be able to create your own trigger types. They'll be considered 'first-class' types, and won't have many limitations. You'll gain access to our full event handling/logging systems, and will eventually be able to add configurable parameters and a GUI for controlling them on a per-use case. Exporting custom triggers will also be supported at some point.
  • Standalone Actions: I've not covered these in depth because they're advanced, and don't have a lot of uses right now. I'll expand these significantly in the future.
  • Tutorials: Last thing to be done, for obvious reasons.

TL;DR Feedback is useful, whining is not. Pretending this is final is a bad idea.

Freebaser 08-09-12 08:58 AM

I didn't mean it in a negative way... but failed to really have a constructive point, I admit. It was in regard to the *nice* overhaul being done and the word classic being used. What's classic about it? Power Auras Awesome 5.0 seems more relevent. I don't care what the name is nor was I intending to provide feedback of the addon's progress.

Meorawr 08-09-12 08:59 AM

It wasn't aimed at you, it was just something I wanted to address in general. Apologies if it came across that way :)

Meorawr 08-10-12 04:06 PM

Right, basically nailed the Sources system now.

Here's how it works, with pretty pictures:

1) Create the display (we'll do a Timer).

2) Configure it to track what you want. I'll make it track the Legacy of the White Tiger buff.

3) No messing around with sources, because it defaults to automatic configuration mode.

4) It works.

For something a bit more advanced (using a buff icon for the texture):

1) Create the texture display.

2) Again, configure it. This time I'll make it show my whirly kick of wet paper bags.

3) It's in automatic mode, so I just need to check "Use Buff/Debuff for Icon".

4) Close editor, spin around, done.

The configuration modes are:
  • Manual: Same system as you guys have now, whereby everything is configured manually.
  • Automatic: This will use the first 'suitable' trigger from the Activate action. If it can't find one, it will reset and go to Manual mode.
  • Trigger: This is similar to Automatic, except you can specify what trigger is used. Only triggers from the Activate action can be used, however. If you select an invalid one, it will not reset, but you will get a warning message.

Hopefully that'll resolve any concerns about how painful it'd be to set things up. Next on the list is either going to be more triggers/source types, or adding timers/whatever to existing displays.

Meorawr 08-12-12 03:57 PM

Putting up an alpha now, one thing to note is that any existing UnitAura triggers will need reconfiguring (you'll need to delete their entire displays to do so). I made changes to how UnitAura works to add in all the missing options, including tooltip matching and multiple unit scanning. Plan is to extend this to all the other triggers too, over the next couple of days.

Sources might be a little buggy, in particular auto-configuring might be off. Report any issues with those please.

But hey, alpha is alpha. dealwithit.jpg

N30 08-13-12 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by Meorawr (Post 259510)
Putting up an alpha now, one thing to note is that any existing UnitAura triggers will need reconfiguring (you'll need to delete their entire displays to do so). I made changes to how UnitAura works to add in all the missing options, including tooltip matching and multiple unit scanning. Plan is to extend this to all the other triggers too, over the next couple of days.

Sources might be a little buggy, in particular auto-configuring might be off. Report any issues with those please.

But hey, alpha is alpha. dealwithit.jpg

old auras cant be deleted i click delete dispaly but nothing hapend

Meorawr 08-13-12 06:01 AM

Can you try deleting the entire aura? If not, can you do a "/powa debug" and check the log for anything that looks like an error (missing localisation strings/load time messages don't count - everything else does). There's a "copy" button on each row which you can click for a full output string to paste into a post here.

I might just put out another release tonight which will forcibly nuke existing saved variables. I can just hide under the word 'alpha' and get away with it, right? :)

Silvertaurus 08-13-12 10:21 AM

Hey just trying out last build (Alpha 6) and cant realy make it to work.
Here is my story :D

Wanted to cofigure 'Shadow Word: Pain' to activate texture when its on target.

Current Trigger : unit Buff/Debuff
Type : Debuff
Unit : target
Match : Shadow Word: Pain
checked only 'Ignore Case' and 'Is Mine'.
Stacks on default (operator >=, Count 0, Source 'Stack Count')

Above didnt work.

When in Matches, checked the Match Tooltip, cleared 'Match' field and write "shadow" in 'Match Tooltip'
it kinda started to react..
It activated any time the hostile mob buffed himself (as I was playing around on Pandaria continent not on dummies)
In no point there was word 'shadow' in tooltip of it, still texture showed up on buff and deactivated when buff did fade.

After using /powa debug there was error listed like 3 times:
[GetScreenEdgeDistance] Invalid edges, defaulting to 0.

Pressing Copy button next to it is causing WoW to crash x___X

ERROR #0 Assertion failure!
Expr: ((m_cursorPos >= m_visiblePos)&&(m_cursorPos<=(m_visiblePos+m_visibleLen)))
Beside after first use of /powa debug i get lots of :

Power Aura Classic: No iterator found: GetAllAnimations
Power Aura Classic: No iterator found: GetAllTriggers

and some others in chat.

[Edit] Out of curiosity I asked Aura to pick texture from source debuff. Its still activated by target buff, but the icon is taken from its first debuff =)

Meorawr 08-13-12 10:37 AM

I'll take a look when I get home tonight, when you get in next can you click the Matches editbox on the display you created, copy the text and paste it here? Want to make sure that the encoding isn't screwy.

As for the WoW crash, that's an interesting one. I'll take a look. The 'No Iterator Found' messages are fine, as is the 'GetScreenEdgeDistance' one.

Silvertaurus 08-13-12 11:02 AM

Match for 'Shadow Word: Pain' :

Match Tooltip for 'shadow' (with empty 'Match' field):

Meorawr 08-13-12 12:17 PM

The first string in your post seems to be that of the default UnitAura trigger (it doesn't match Shadow Word: Pain). Either way, I figured out the problem, was a stupid error on my part. I'll put out another release in a couple of hours, sorry for the inconvenience :)

Edit: Uploading now. Also fixes upgrade issues from pre-alpha 6 versions, so deleting UnitAura stuff won't be needed.

Silvertaurus 08-13-12 03:19 PM

Works well now ^_^ Thanks!

Another little glitch.
I set Aura to show when Mind Blast is off cooldown (using 'Spell Off Cooldown' trigger).
Works well enough, but if I set in 'Texture Option/Sources':
Service : Texture
Type : [UL] Name

I get either :
- Shadow Form icon (this black head) IF i have Shadow Form on me, or
- WoW logo IF im out of Shadow Form

Meorawr 08-13-12 03:20 PM

Sources for anything that isn't UnitAura are still very broken/not implemented. I'll probably pull those off for the next release.

thymon 08-14-12 04:42 AM

Is it possible to show 'stacks' of rechargable cooldowns in diffrent aura's? just like it's possible with buffs and debuffs.

i know Roll (monk) and Hand of Gul'dan (warlock) use this system and i would love to be able to show how much charges i have left.

Meorawr 08-14-12 05:06 AM

I may be wrong, but last time I checked (for Warrior's double-charge talent at least) these effects put a buff on the player. You could set up some trigger combination for it - if you have the buff, you've got one charge left. If the spell is on cooldown and you have no buff, you've got no charges left, and if the spell is off cooldown and you don't have the buff then you've got two charges.

I'll play around tonight and see what I can do, maybe implement it as a Charges source/trigger combo. Thanks for the idea :)

thymon 08-14-12 05:34 AM

I don't know about warrior's but i don't get a buff from Hand of Gul'dan, nor roll.
I would love you (no homo) if you can add it :D

Meorawr 08-14-12 05:42 AM

Worst case scenario, I'll just scan the combat log for usages of these abilities and then check if a cooldown is present. Might be easier to just do that initially.

If there's any abilities that behave like this that I'm missing, please correct me:
  • Roll (Monk, that-talent-that-I-have-but-don't-remember-the-name-of)
  • Hand of Gul'dan (Warlock, are charges baseline/proc/talent-based?)
  • Charge (Warrior, Double Time)

Edit: I'll work on it when the servers come up tonight, assuming maintenance isn't extended. In addition, the next release will have 'linked' displays (got them working before shutdown), so duplicating the configurations if you want a texture/timer tracking the same thing won't be necessary.

In other news:

Next alpha release will hopefully be tomorrow, mostly as a bugfix one but with some new features (reworked animation editor, linked displays).

Layouts have been pushed to 5.1, since I don't have time to work on them just yet.

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