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jpsgaming 08-19-18 01:04 PM

Show World Quest Icons on Carbonite map?

I know in Legion on Broken isles this worked. When using the carbonite map the icons for World quest would show up.

In BFA they dont. Is this a bug or am I missing a setting? Or maybe it hasnt been implemented yet? If not all good I know you guys are busy and have lives as well :)

Was just curious


SemperYoda 08-20-18 02:59 PM

This same issue is coming up for me. Sometimes the icons show up. Other times, they are just like the crossed swords similar to the side bonus objectives you can do.

ircdirk 08-20-18 11:10 PM

New release pushed to GitHub, this should fix this problem. This offcial release so it will be avaible on Curse/Twitch client.

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