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Mystic69 03-13-19 03:19 AM

Quest tracker not updating
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For one toon, it will, world quests will pop up, new quests i start will be seen, but for another toon, nothing at all comes up in the box which tracks the quests, went through all watch settings in options for carbonite quest but nothing seems to be different, how can i resolve this?

the attached files are seperate toons

one as you can see, the hunter, has the world quest up in the box and is in the area to complete it

the other, the shaman, is also in an area for a world quest, but it does not come up in the box

ircdirk 03-13-19 04:05 AM

Did u update to latest alpha? 8.1.5 needs fixes that are already on curse. Also note that u got errors i buggrabber.

Mystic69 03-13-19 07:23 AM

so, i learned something, the emissaries are overriding any other quests, unless you hide the emissaries, or complete them, other quests wont show up in the space

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