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hazzbazzy 08-10-15 02:23 PM

Carobite Satellite Range
Hi all,

I'll keep this brief; is it possible to change the distance at which carbonite loads its Satellite maps? I'd quick like ot see some of them at a further distance, rather than have to zoom in quite close. I can't find a built in option and I couldn't locate the .lua function for it. Assistance appreciated!


Rythal 08-10-15 03:34 PM

I don't have access to my computer right now to check it's exact name, but there is a slider for it Details at zoom level or something like that... by default it's about 3 or 4, raising it's value will make it show at a higher zoom range (it's maximum makes it always show which is what I use for testing alignments)

hazzbazzy 08-10-15 05:26 PM

Do you mean "Detail Graphics Visible Area?" becausE I have this set to 40 and it does not seem to change how the map interacts with zooming, only the areas around the focused Satellite.

Edit: Just to clarify, I meant I would like the satellite view enabled at a lesser zoom :)
Edit2: Excellent, found the option you meant under scaling options; thank you :)


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