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litesung 05-22-11 11:27 AM

Mapster + MFWM
I'm using mapster and really like this feature, but I'm not sure if it's supported. I installed the addon today and the only areas I visited were TB Peninsula and Twilight Highlands, and in TBP, everything was visible, but in TH, everything was 'undiscovered'.

Also, upon unchecking the box, everything becomes invisible (undiscovered and blank) on the minimap. I didn't take a picture of that. To fix this I had to reloadUI without the addon.

spiel2001 05-22-11 12:02 PM

So, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that you have explored all of the Twilight Highlands, but the zone is being shown as unexplored?

What happens if you disable Mapster? Does MFWM work correctly then?

If you disable MFWM and enable Mapster, does the zone display itself correctly as having been fully explored?

litesung 05-22-11 10:45 PM

I have only explored some areas in the Twilight Highlands, but the whole zone is being shown as unexplored.

I'll have to test out the other two tomorrow, I'm about to head to bed right now x)

I will update this asap with pictures.

spiel2001 05-23-11 04:35 PM

Okay... when you do, rather than put your image in the message, just use the paperclip icon on the message editor or scroll down the message editor page and use the "Manage Attachments" -- you can just upload your screen shots as attachments to the message rather than in the message, it's easier for me to look at that way.

litesung 05-23-11 09:12 PM

I haven't been able to get on today, and I probably won't be able to get on until tomorrow afternoon or wednesday afternoon. So I'll try to post an update by then. Got really busy and have some work to take care of first.

spiel2001 05-24-11 04:51 PM

No worries... at your leisure. I'm not going anywhere.

Chmee 05-25-11 04:55 PM

You can't get there from here anyway. :eek::banana:

spiel2001 05-25-11 08:32 PM

Well... daggumit... I was trying to get back here from there.


litesung 05-25-11 09:00 PM

Okay, I tested it like you said and it appears to me that mapster + mfwm do not mix together. mfwm works fine w/o mapster, and mapster works fine w/o mfwm, but together some areas appear to be either blank (when mfwm is unticked), or solid blue (when mfwm is ticked).

I also have a feeling this has something to do with mapster's pre-built reveal whole world map feature.

spiel2001 05-26-11 05:07 AM

Can you turn that feature off in mapster? If so, that may resolve the conflict. It sounds to me like Mapster and MFWM are both trying to do the same thing at the same time and you can count on that always causing conflicts.

litesung 05-26-11 06:03 PM

I'll see if I can try that.

Daveo77 05-27-11 05:12 AM

Mapster is similar to what MFWM does.

Both reveal the map (even unexplored areas), plus a number of other things.

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