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Greensleeper 12-27-12 04:03 AM

Outlining Chat Font?

I'm using phanxchat and am wondering how I can change the font it uses and optionally give it an outline?

after I asked the question in the comment section of the mod, the author send me here.

thanks in advance !

jeffy162 12-27-12 02:52 PM

You might check HERE about changing the font.

You could try Outliner to put an outline on your chat fonts. That's all it does. I know it's out of date in the "AddOns" window on your character select screen, but it will work just fine if you check the "Load out of date AddOns" box in the top right corner of that window.

Phanx 12-27-12 08:32 PM

The reason I sent you here is that your question is completely unrelated to PhanxChat. My addon does not, and will never, make any kind of modifications to the chat frame font. It does not replace the default chat frames, so it doesn't "use" any font; it just leaves the default chat frame font alone. Any font addon will work alongside PhanxChat, since they have nothing to do with each other.

Dridzt 12-27-12 10:05 PM

I'm using ChatFonts Plus for changing the chatframe fonts
(in addition to my chatframe modifications addon for other functionality)

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