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arith 06-29-17 10:48 PM

PlaySound() behavior changed in 7.3.0?
I noticed several changes in Ace3 and most of those are related to PlaySound.
For example, PlaySound("igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOn") has been changed to PlaySound(SOUNDKIT.IG_MAINMENU_OPTION_CHECKBOX_ON) in Blizzard's frame codes.
Ace3's solution is changed it to below:
PlaySound(PlaySoundKitID and "igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOn" or 856)

Does anyone has some more details regarding to this change?

arith 06-29-17 10:51 PM

Found this one:

arith 06-30-17 12:49 AM

Looks like the API PlaySoundKitID has been removed from 7.3.0

Gethe 06-30-17 09:16 AM

PlaySound() will now only accept soundkit IDs.

VincentSDSH 06-30-17 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by arith (Post 324038)

Is it me or are there a few sounds missing from that list? (e.g., invite decline, quest failed, etc)

galvin 06-30-17 10:50 AM

Oh I see it doesn't take a path anymore but a number.

I take it this will break AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets and LibSharedMedia?

VincentSDSH 06-30-17 11:06 AM

They're fully converting to numbers from strings, not entirely unlike what they're trying with textures -- it looks like they retired the old PlaySound() and reused the name for PlaySoundKitID().

PlaySoundKitID() -- Removed
PlaySound() -- only accepts numbers
SOUNDKIT{} -- table with numbers, found in SoundKitConstants.lua (example linked in original post) (nb: it may not be complete)

Lua Code:
  1. PlaySound(1001)
Lua Code:

For the most part, the SOUNDKIT entries are similar to the text names though with more underscores.

If you want to seamlessly update, you can do what arith pointed out in the latest Ace3:
Lua Code:
  1. PlaySound(PlaySoundKitID and "igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOn" or 856)
Lua Code:
  1. PlaySound(PlaySoundKitID and "igMainMenuOptionCheckBoxOn" or SOUNDKIT.IG_MAINMENU_OPTION_CHECKBOX_ON)
I've converted my code to the latter and it runs w/o error.

galvin 06-30-17 11:37 AM

What about custom sounds? weak auras, raven and other mods have a lot of those

MunkDev 06-30-17 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by galvin (Post 324046)
What about custom sounds? weak auras, raven and other mods have a lot of those

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