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Zicoss 09-01-19 12:44 PM

Simply display 3d model in game
I would like to show a simple 3d model in game like a mount or a creature. I searched and tested a lot of things but still nothing (cube appears instead of the model; custom camera error). If someone could show me how to do that, it will be nice.

JDoubleU00 09-01-19 01:07 PM

Are you wanting a complete unit frame replacement? Look at They are used in to create a 3d model.

Zicoss 09-01-19 01:32 PM

I'm creating an addon where the goal is to have secret mounts.
This is the current version and it's a image of the mount. I would like this to be a 3d model of the mount instead of an image (like the mounts collections).

Hoping now that you understand what I would like.

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