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Fmx2G 04-19-12 07:14 AM

Tried several UIs, all give me major lag-spikes
As said in the title I get a lot of lag when I log on, even though I put my settings to low. Now I know a bit about computers and my computer normally run WoW on Ultra with not a single sign of lag and can easily go a lot further without any problems. So now I've tried two UIs and both of them are either new/updated and both of them make me lag as s*** D: I don't know what caused the problem. I've tried to remove 1 addon at a time, yet again I don't get a result /: Pleaze help meeeeh

Many thanks


Rilgamon 04-19-12 08:09 AM

Without further details (what UI ? Which AddOns ?) it's hard to guess :)
But after installing an UI that comes with AddOns you need to check the AddOns for updates.
One of the worst lag causing addons (when not updated, and somethimes even then) is recount.

semlar 04-19-12 09:35 AM

It could be a nameplate addon due to the high amount of processing required to detect and modify them.

I think there's an addon that can help you gauge the amount of resources that your other addons are using but I don't know off the top of my head what it's called.

Oh one more thing, if an addon is throwing errors and you have them set not to display under interface->help then that could definitely be causing huge amounts of lag without telling you that something is wrong.

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