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LudiusMaximus 02-26-20 03:25 AM

How to prevent automated HideUIPanel()?
While at a vendor, clicking a profession in the SpellBookFrame (thus opening TradeSkillFrame) automatically closes the SpellBookFrame with a call of HideUIPanel().

I would like to suppress this automatic closing. So I tried to find the responsible code in BlizzardInterfaceCode, but to no avail.

All I know is that when I use MoveAnything on the SpellBookFrame, it stays open. But I was not able to identify which part of MoveAnything is the cause for this.

Does anybody have an idea?
I do not want to taint HideUIPanel()!


SDPhantom 02-26-20 01:01 PM

Most of these are registered as UIPanelWindows and are handled in UIParent.lua. If you remove a frame's entry in this table, it will no longer have this special handling.

LudiusMaximus 03-04-20 02:47 PM

Thanks a lot! Exactly what I was looking for!:)

LudiusMaximus 03-05-20 02:02 PM

A follow-up question, if I may:

When I do

UIPanelWindows["SpellBookFrame"] = nil
I cannot toggle the SpellBook any more pressing "P" during combat.

Any idea how to achieve this?

LudiusMaximus 03-05-20 02:19 PM

I just discovered by accident that

at PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD resolves the issue of my previous post.

Can anybody explain to me why this is so?

SDPhantom 03-06-20 01:54 AM

My first guess would be something to do with taint. Still not 100% on the specifics though.

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