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MunkDev 12-01-15 09:15 AM

It's been a year of good and equally many terrible ideas to get here, but ConsolePort now has enough features to be considered a complete addon for the purpose it is supposed to serve, which is to make couch gameplay viable.

After ironing out some of the finer details of the gameplay system, I'm very curious where the hell I'm supposed to stick it in terms of category. At the moment it's only listed as a beta version addon. Where do I even place an addon like this? Miscellaneous? Utility Mods? Action Bar Mods?

Anyway, here's a new video showcasing some of the features. I feel like I've dispelled the myth that healing (or actually just playing in general) with a controller has to be hard or annoying. At the press of a button, the D-pad bindings are changed to select unit frames instead of their normal behaviour (which is completely customizable). At least in a dungeon group, this is not hard to master.

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