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gotest 06-18-19 10:33 PM

Kingdom Hearts player UF
Hello everyone! My account is new, but I've been lurking around for a long time.
So with classic being close to release, I got back in to the game and wanted to make a Kingdom Hearts UI for it. I love this UI because it gives me a feeling of progression as the health bar or mana bar get larger.
I'm posting here because I want to know if it would be something people would be more interested in, as I do want to add support for other unit frames.

I used BfA to develop it, so it might not just simply work in classic.

The UI will be fairly customizable to control how long the bars are, bar direction and size. Right now, the frame is draggable and can be right clicked for the typical menu for the player UF.

I used Zork's TheRingThing addon as the base for the ring part of the unitframe meters. Other than that, it doesn't use any other libraries. I hope some of you like the idea.

Settings with the bar at the top left corner.

Getting hurt. Animation.

Level 120 with different settings

Different bar directions

Mana bar

gravigawreck 01-18-20 03:14 PM

I made an account just to reply to this thread. I think this UI is really cool and would like to use it.

Aur0r4 05-26-20 01:42 PM

I like that idea! :)

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