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Mosphet 08-26-16 12:31 PM

Missing in oUF_Mu
Hello a friend of mine has been oUF_Mu ( for some time now and I've sort of been doing cheap fixes for a while now for him and the layout is pretty much fine aside from the fact the health bar and power bar background is now invisible and I cannot for the life of me work out why it has suddenly vanished.

For context and visual demonstration:

Image from the oUF_Mu page the missing health background is solid red (also note the power colour background)

Where as this recent patch has made the backgrounds vanish:

For the simplicity of this thread I've reused the original oUF_Mu from the WoWInterface page and fixed the few errors it popped up. Notably the UnitIsTapped() changes to UnitIsTapDenied() in the PostUpdateHealth() function where the is created. (I'm also playing on a Hunter).

The conditions are properly met in the PostUpdateHealth() function but for some reason the background colours no longer appearing. If any of you oUF veterans could help me where I need to start troubleshoot the issue it would be greatly appreciated. If you post a solution I would also be greatful if you could post an explanation so I can understand what the root cause was. I just hope I didn't miss an obvious API change somewhere.

EDIT: So after what I just said, I blatently missed the SetTexture() change and solved my issues. Ignore my inability to read the API changes thoroughly.


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