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Seerah 07-31-16 07:56 PM

Pick for 7/31: InspectorGadgetzan (new) & mOnAr's Wardrobe Helper (new)

This addon is an inspection helper in that it makes it easier to see your target's transmogrifications. You can then see how these appearances would look on your character and open your wardrobe to that appearance. It also provides a button to open your mount journal to whichever mount your target it using, so that you can either use it yourself or find out where it came from.

Read more about it here.

mOnAr's Wardrobe Helper:

Do you want to collect as many transmog appearances as you can? This addon sorts those you have not collected by which dungeon or raid they come from. In addition, it also displays your progress through instances you are currently saved to.

Collect them all! Find out what this addon can do here.

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