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clipper 01-18-13 07:04 PM

Carbonite blocking Talent switching?
When I try to overwrite a talent using a Tome of the Clear Mind, I get a message saying:
"Carbonite has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI."

I remember I had this problem months ago with a different addon, and then the problem just went away, I'm not aware that I did anything to fix it...

Petrah 01-19-13 12:39 AM

I can verify this as it's happened to me several times.

Elv (creator of ElvUI) figured out how to fix this bug in his UI (fix or bypass, not sure. All I know is that after he did extensive testing we don't get the error from his UI anymore), so perhaps Rythal can get in touch with Elv if needed.

BillieJackFu 01-19-13 01:38 AM

An in game workaround is to use Ctrl clicking glyphs/talents.

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