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GFGame 02-24-19 01:08 AM

How do I become a Site Supporter/Premium and what exactly does that mean? What are the benefits? How much does it cost?
is currently not loading for me.

Dolby 02-24-19 10:18 AM

Hi GFGame,

We currently don't have a premium system at the moment. We had one but it was part of ZAMs but when we split off from them we shut it down and those who had premium continue to have it.

I've been thinking of bring it back though.

Seerah 02-24-19 12:47 PM

As for what it would entail (or at least used to) is an ad-free experience across the site and a badge below your avatar. It would be like you using an ad-blocker but still supporting your favorite addon site to help keep it open. :) :banana:

JDoubleU00 03-03-19 05:54 PM

I'd be good with that.

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