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sh77 12-28-20 06:34 PM

Unicode/character name for quest item button dot/period
Does anyone know the unicode or character name for the dot/period that appears over quest item buttons? You know, the one over the icon that's red when you're out of range but grey in range?

It appears OK with default fonts, but custom fonts don't have this glyph, displaying a pretty ugly rectangle instead. It looks like a large-ish raised dot.

Easily fixed I guess with a font editor, but I'm really struggling to find the exact character.


Seerah 12-28-20 07:19 PM

There are several circles/bullets that a font can support.

But you could also just look in the UI code and find it yourself:
(or you can extract the code yourself: )

d87 12-29-20 12:16 AM


There it is in text form and it's U+25CF apparently

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