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VincentSDSH 05-27-16 05:39 PM

Minion 3.0: being unkind to one of my children
While I cannot say I'm happy about the advertising, I appreciate the hide button. I detest the drill-out-your-eyes white background -- the previous color scheme was (like WoW Interface itself) wonderful, an option to continue w/ a dark theme would have been greatly received, but I digress.

Something is not right with 3.0 as you can see from version numbers below for Executive Assistant.

Incredulous, I mentioned this to Minion -- though I guess my language was a tad hard b/c the next reload gave me the following, the cheeky bugger.

Incensed that I was given no version numbers at all, I again called it out and on the next reload it has this behavior depending on whether I scroll to look for it or try to look it up in the search bar -- classic case of overcompensation?

(And yes, I reset the addon detection thinking it might be a compatibility problem with Minion data files.)

Now I admit I'm rather fond of ArkInventory but I'm not fond of it enough to adopt its awkward versioning.

Dolby 05-27-16 11:52 PM

Yeah, Looks like its filling in the version number with other data since its blank. This bug was in the old minion as well and I had thought we fixed this in Minion 3. I'll talk with our Java developer to see if that fix was accidently reverted. Or I wonder if it's the letter in your version number throwing it off? Thanks for this info as it will help track down the issue.

Next release I hope to have a dark theme.

The ads are needed to support development/costs as we no longer have ZAM behind us. We didn't want to annoy people that really hate ads so we added the hide ad button.

VincentSDSH 05-28-16 02:37 AM

It's not the letter; there were several that also behaved oddly as well but naturally I noticed mine right off the bat, and the previous minion had no trouble with sub-version letters. It seems to treat the version numbers as strings & just says a "hey, it's different" rather than, say, realizing that installed 1.3 higher than on-server 1.2 so don't upgrade, etc. (which, honestly, is all one might fairly expect given the lack of version number control structure in addons).

I understand about the ads and making it hideable when needed makes it much, much more palatable. Moreso if you don't use ones that are noisy or animated.

And two whole happy bananas for a dark theme. :banana::banana:

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