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Galrion 01-31-13 02:31 PM

Wow Mouse
When trying to keybind things to some of the extra buttons on the wow mouse, nUI is not saving them. Buttons in question are 8-10 and 12-14. At least these are the numbers the nUI lists when I use them to select them for the keybindings.

What happens is I select the button for binding, select key 1, use the mouse button, it populates the line with its number. I hit ok, and no key is bound to the button.

Any reason for this, or a possible fix?

spiel2001 01-31-13 04:24 PM

What happens if you go in through the blizzard key binding interface instead of nUI's? (press escape, select "Key Bindings" and scroll down until you get to the nUI action bars... does it work there?

Galrion 01-31-13 05:00 PM

That seems to work. Thanks much.

spiel2001 01-31-13 06:52 PM

Okay. Glad it's working.

I haven't implemented key binding in nUI6 yet... hopefully I'll be able to address this problem for you then.

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