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Boondoggle 01-23-15 09:15 AM

Can't maintain Chat font size
I used the Phanx chat slider control to increase the chat font size.
When I reload, the font is back to the default size.
How can I make it stick please?

ewoksrule 01-23-15 09:45 AM

You have to change it in realui options not Phanx. Realui is the one controlling it and will reset it constantly.

Boondoggle 01-23-15 01:03 PM

i tried Realui/Advanced/fonts but that didn't affect the chat font.
Can you be more specific in what exactly needs to be modified?

Nibelheim 01-24-15 10:54 AM

/realui > Appearance > Font tab > Chat Font Size

Boondoggle 01-24-15 11:51 PM

Thanks it done now....:))

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