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Taudier 01-04-16 07:49 PM

Sorting unitid in raid
Hello, i would like to sort the unitids of a raid frame ("SecureGroupHeaderTemplate") with a condition :

if UnitIsUnit(raidx, "player") then

put raidx first in the button list...


the probleme is, UnitIsUnit is not in the "RestrictedEnvironment.lua" so i cannot update my raid frame in combat.

plus, i don't want to have twice (player and raidx) in the raid frame.

any suggestion is welcome.

Resike 01-05-16 07:29 AM

I don't think it's possible with SecureGroupHeaders.

Taudier 01-06-16 05:10 AM

i found it : create a dummy raid frame filtered only with my name, so i can know my unitid in raid

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