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Drena 04-04-14 12:18 PM

Map Co-ordinates
Hello all, can anyone help me get me enlarge my map co-ordinates. I see it in the carbonite list on the side of mt screen ( but barely ) so i want to bring it out onto my screen and enlarge it. I have it enlarged for some of my char's but have completely for gotten how I did it. So I would greatly appreciate, if anyone knows. How to do it...Oh! I'm using TomTom if that factors in.

Here's hoping :confused:


Docsavage 04-05-14 02:35 PM

Did you change the scale of the carbonite map so it looks bigger? Can you give a screen shot of what you are talking abut.

Drena 04-05-14 05:34 PM

Map co-ordinates
Not sure how to do a screen shot and post it. But to give you a better explanation..As you look at your screen where the carbonite is featured, you will see the clock and all your other addons well there is a icon that is for the co-ordinates position in game..That's what I'm trying to enlarge so I can read it.. I have tried going to the tomtom add on to see if there is an option but no luck..So if you could help I would appreciate it.

Thanks in anticipation


Drena 04-06-14 08:08 AM

Map Co-ordinates
OK found out what the problem is.Carbonite was interfering with the TomTom program. I just went into my addon's and disconnected Carbonite, back into the game and I was able to adjust anything and all in Tomtom. I then returned to addons,turned Carbonite back on, then back into game and there was my map co-ordinate box (X-Y frames) so all is good.

So it looks as if there is a problem with the two programs working together in this particular area.

Mely is happy :banana:

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