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JahirahDK 08-29-21 11:26 AM

How to: Use Fitzcairn's Explain-o-matic source code
Fitzcairn's Explain-O-Matic
I typically test my macros on the Fitzcairn's macro Explain-o-matic - unfortunately, the site seems to have run into technical difficulties recently becoming unavailable which sucks considering it was my go-to tool for experimenting with, -and testing new macros!

I hope it's temporary but it's been unavailable for more than a week at this point....
Fitzcairn made the source code of the "Explain-o-matic" available for download on Github.... Unfortunately I have no idea how to actually use it, what is required to use it or even if it the source is usable "Out-of-the-box"!?

Can you run it on a local machine/local server environment like ex. XAMP or WAMP?
---> If yes, what programming language(s) support does it require to work?
---> If not, how is the source code intended for use?

Since I've often found the users here on Wowinterface to be helpful as well as knowledgeable, I thought I'd ask in here in the hopes that someone would know and be willing to help, -and if not perhaps point me in the direction of finding more information.

SDPhantom 08-29-21 05:48 PM


  1. It was intended as an experiment to see how Google App Engine performed (and at the time it was written, the answer was "poorly!" for a number of reasons). The code is structured entirely around GAE's unique persistence model. I included the app.yaml and index.yaml files to make uploading to your own GAE instance easier.

Additionally, it appears the main code has been written in Python.

JahirahDK 08-30-21 03:51 PM

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback! I appreciate every scrap of information I can get to be honest!

In response to your comment:

Originally Posted by SDPhantom (Post 339771)
Additionally, it appears the main code has been written in Python.

So... The main code is written in Python and uses Google App Engine excluding running it on a localhost?
And if so how would I go about transforming the downloaded files into a working version of the Explain-o-matic?

SDPhantom 09-02-21 02:34 AM

It appears to be an online service. I don't know how to set it up as I've never used it. I left a link in the previous post quoting the readme file of the project if you want to go down that rabbit hole. I'd personally scrap the entire thing and try to remake the idea into a WoW addon. I never used the original site, so I don't know what features it actually had.

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