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Gello 05-11-22 05:12 PM

Can wowup get addons from wowinterface?
Let me preface this by saying I would be happy to pay money to have a site do all this for me. Call it an anti-rewards program. I don't want money for posting my addons. I want to give other people money to maximize what limited time I have making addons and minimize my time dealing with posting them to as wide an audience as possible; if wowinterface is considering any new business model around that.

That said, can wowup get addons from wowinterface without entering a URL in the app?

This thread from a few months ago suggests no:

But the app has a checkbox for wowinterface that suggests yes:

But my addons aren't showing up which suggests no:

But I can see others from wowinterface which suggests yes:

I have seemingly used the api successfully:

curl -H "x-api-token:<my token>" -F "id=21993" -F "version=3.1.7" -F "compatible=9.2.0" -F "[email protected]/mnt/c/users/public/games/world of warcraft/_retail_/interface/addons/"
But it remains unknown (second screenshot above; downgraded to an earlier version to see if it'd pick up a new version). Is wowup supported by wowinterface; and if so what secret sauce am I missing?

Dolby 05-11-22 06:38 PM

I think the issue is on Wowups end because they are using our undocumented minion api and your addons show up in Minion which uses the same api...

Gello 05-11-22 09:24 PM

Thanks Dolby. I'll check with them.

Gello 05-12-22 12:09 AM

Elvenbane on official forums helped me out here. If anyone else runs across this thread in a search, the key is to have a X-WoWI-ID tag in your toc:

## X-WoWI-ID: 21993
After rescanning folders, wowup now recognizes it.

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