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Yonaz 08-05-16 01:26 AM

Reputation popups, possibly TitanRep?

I'v been getting these popups since MoP was released. Sometimes they popup when I log in, and sometimes when I get reputation with a faction. It's completely random, it can go days without even popping up ones and days like this when they popup every time I get reputation with a faction. My guess is that is a TitanRep error..anyone recognice it?

Phanx 08-06-16 04:29 AM

I'm not familiar with the addon, but there's an easy way to find out if it's the one causing the popups -- disable it at the addon screen. If you don't get any more popups, you've found the problem; either leave the addon disabled, or ask its author (check the download page for a bug tracker link, or post a comment there) for help stopping the popups. If you still get them when TitanRep is disabled, then you'll know to look elsewhere.

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