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Barleduq 09-21-12 01:16 PM

Name of Addon more prominent on comments tab
When I go to the comments tab for an addon page, the only indication (other than possibly in the comments) as to what addon I'm looking at is a (relatively) small-font line under the navbar that says (for example) WoWInterface > Site Forums > Site help, bugs, suggestions/questions > Post New Thread.

Except, on this page, Post New Thread is bolded; on the comments page for addons, it's not always (Just now, on Fishing Buddy it wasn't; on Archy, it is...). Could it please be changed so that the name of the addon is more prominent... larger preferably, bolded consistently, something... I frequently tell my browser to open a bunch of windows in background tabs (like, right-clicking all the ones that show as updated in my favorites list) and go away for a few minutes while it does that, and come back and wonder what I'm looking at...

Thank you!

Dolby 09-21-12 01:39 PM

Hi Barleduq, I'm having trouble following. Would you be able to post a picture of the area you are talking about?


SDPhantom 09-21-12 02:25 PM

He's talking about the header shown being the only spot on an addon's comment page that refers to the name of the addon.

<< Image removed to conserve attachment space >>

Dolby 09-21-12 02:27 PM

Ah ok now I understand. Thanks SDPhantom.

Let me think about that, should be easy enough to fix just need to figure out how to add the title and make it look nice.

SDPhantom 09-21-12 02:49 PM

It would be interesting if you could have the header from the Addon Info section copied over. Perhaps have it display permanently no matter which section on the addon page you're in.

Here is a mockup image of my proposed design.

<< Image removed to conserve attachment space >>

Dolby 09-21-12 02:52 PM

I like that idea SDPhantom. Thanks!

Barleduq 10-25-12 06:44 AM

Thank you!
I want to thank SDPhantom and Dolby for carrying on this conversation without me. :) I took a fall later that night, and haven't managed to be on the computer much if at all ever since. (wow is not quite mindless enough to play when on meds, and poking the addons even less so.)

Looking forward to any changes (when and as convenient, I'm sure MoP is still keeping people hopping, both in playing and in supporting.)


Cairenn 10-25-12 11:27 AM

I hope you are okay, nothing broken?

Barleduq 12-11-12 06:19 AM

Missed this...
I completely missed this reply. No, nothing broken, just a lot of pain for a long time with wrenched muscles etc, and then I was without power for 9 days with the superstorm, and am only since the week before thanksgiving wrapping my head back around playing WoW. Yee, and also Haw! Picked up MoP on the Black Friday retail sale, and now I'm poking around new addons (tho not specifically for MoP, but geez, LOTS of stuff updated recently...)

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