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GOSYDELIX 08-04-15 10:34 PM

Macro Script Help.. please
Hey there ,

First off, i'm playing a dk tank and i wanted to make macro that can announce when i pop AMS and also use the [Order of the Awakened Battle Standard] ( Item here ) for the group, but the item itself has a 15min CD so I don't want to announce for the party that i just used the item but nothing happend, but instead i would like help to build a macro that actually announces/says something in the party/instance chat IF the item gets used, and if it's on cooldown, it doesn't say anything and just uses AMS.

Thank you in advance.
Sincerely, Gosydelix

AMS : Anti-Magic Shell

SDPhantom 08-05-15 11:26 AM

This should show the icon, cooldown, and tooltip for the item along with only sending a message in the /say channel if the item was off cooldown.

#showtooltip Order of the Awakened Battle Standard
/run if GetItemCooldown(128454)==0 then SendChatMessage("Order of the Awakened Battle Standard placed","SAY") end
/cast Anti-Magic Shell
/use Order of the Awakened Battle Standard

GOSYDELIX 08-05-15 12:09 PM

Thank you so very much!

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