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txamethyst 12-23-14 02:14 PM

BUG: Flightmaster / Flightpoints
deleting original post for the moment. it could have been a conflict with another addon. if i continue to have problems i will repost.

thanks ;)

samyonair 12-23-14 02:38 PM

I will have a look to it, but before can you give me some Information?

What I need to know to locale the failure,

Language Version of your WOW-Install
Faction with Issuses



samyonair 12-23-14 03:38 PM

Your failure I cannot reproduce but there seems to be an Issue if I take a Flightpath to the Vale of Eternal Blossom or take a Flight in the Zone I get disconected from Server, it would be nice to know whats your language Setting, If it's a Language Issue because I can see both flightpath in german.

Greetings Samyonair

samyonair 12-23-14 04:05 PM

Found a Failure in Fr language have changed to spelling from wowhead, just pushed it to github, but cannot think that this was the Issue, will have to check further, cannot reproduce anymore a bit weird but leave this Thread open if there comes another Problem

Greetings Samyonair

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