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Taraezor 02-21-15 06:43 AM

Couple of OS X issues
I am on OSX Yosemite and I am aware that it has issues in crippling games such as WoW. But I do feel there are a couple of noteworthy bugs in Minion.

Firstly the Update/Instal cycle. I seemed trapped in a loop. I force quit (force quit from the Dock did nothing. I went via Finder menu option) and relaunched.

Lots of quick messages, informing of the start progress, appeared. Good.

Then I reached a popup dialog window with the title:

"Scan the following drives for supported games:"

The field below it is probably a text box field. It was empty. There was no button for "Okay" or "Cancel" or anything. No close button in a top corner.

I then selected Apple-Q from the menu to quit. But the icon remains in my Dock with the OS X indicator to say it is running. I could force quit from the Dock this time, although a regular quit didn't work.

Maybe the problem is that I installed Minion into /Applications/Games and not /Applications?

Dolby 02-21-15 06:04 PM

Hi Taraezor,

A picture of the menu dialog that you are describing would be great. Having a hard time understanding what was missing?

Shift - Command - 4 will allow you to take screen shots on OSX.

It should not matter where Minion is installed.

Can you attach a copy of your minion.xml and minion0.log? Open a terminal window and type the following:

open ~/.minion
A folder should open up with the files requested above. Just attach them here. :)

Those files will tell us what is happening on your system. Both the main java developer and myself run OSX 10.10 on MBP Retinas and don't have any issues at the moment.

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