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MunkDev 07-29-15 03:17 PM

Idea: Diablo style bag addon
Looking for ideas on how to improve this design:

Rev 3:

Rev 2:


What I want to achieve:
- Intuitive control
- Clever bag filtering
- No empty slots visible
- No loss in functionality

Raxnor 07-29-15 09:21 PM

Looks amazing !!!

Yukyuk 07-30-15 09:11 AM

Looks pretty cool :)

Munglunch 07-30-15 11:30 AM

First of all, this is brilliant! Ideas like these are the addon equivalent of delicious candy.

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this is the right-handed info panel. Visually it's spectacular but there are a few implications to its use.
Having the tooltip information already available in this fashion, do you disable the ACTUAL tooltip for the bag slot? Having both would be redundant and a waste of performance (albeit very slightly).
If you disable the slot tooltip then that means to view item information the user will have to click the item rather than simply mouse over it (or does the selected item change on mouseover?).

Munglunch 07-30-15 11:42 AM

A few other questions:

- Do you plan to at least have an indicator of available bag space?
- What sorting criteria were you thinking of?
- How do you plan to handle adding/replacing the bags themselves?
- Would there be a bank/gbank/reagents equivalent?

Another thought on the info panel:

- Rather than displaying the tooltip information, you could use this space for other useful data on the selected item.
- For equipment you could show the comparison info (SHIFT+mouseover). This "may" be more intuitive than holding the modifier down.
- For quest items you could show the associated quest information much like the quest log. This would be a fantastic shortcut.
- For crafted items you could show a breakdown of the recipe used to craft it. Maybe even a tradeskill link if it happens to be a recipe that you can use, allowing you to craft more at a glance.

Thats all I got for now.....

Seerah 07-30-15 04:16 PM

Looks cool. However my first reaction is that it takes up a whole lot of screen real estate.

Tonyleila 07-30-15 04:36 PM

If you want to improve the design make the top category icons smaler and change or remove the border from them they look too bulky - Instead it coud show one more item. I currently have 136 inventory slots so It coud show more items on the left row, item icon coud be smaller and border around the name too.

You may also want to add some sub-categorys like sort by weapon type.

Here is an example from The Elder Scrolls Online, there is also an option to change quick between onebag roster layout and the diablo style:

MunkDev 08-01-15 07:50 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions! I've implemented some of them in the new design (edited first post), but I feel like it still needs to be fleshed out.

Regarding the size of the frame, I suppose it could be downscaled. This is however part of a replacement UI that will move the whole UI into one frame, hence the header and arrow buttons at the top.

MunkDev 08-02-15 07:15 AM

In terms of coding, the items will need to find their way into the correct category and subcategory depending on the item types.

Since GetItemInfo() returns a set of strings for the item type, does this mean those strings are different on localized clients with different languages? Would the implementation require translation from the client language to get the correct values in order to sort the inventory based on item type?

I'd rather ask here than install another client just to test it.

lightspark 08-02-15 09:33 AM

Yup, those strings are localized...

BTW, nice concept :3

Rilgamon 08-02-15 10:03 AM

Before you put energy in doing it yourself

MunkDev 08-02-15 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by Rilgamon (Post 310069)
Before you put energy in doing it yourself

Thank God. lol

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