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nemis 03-19-17 08:21 AM

Ok don't all shout at me
I new here sorry i know.:eek:
Well yes problems i can not get my head around KG panels sorry to people i'm a right numpty.:o
I have watched video after video on how to do it but i just can't :(
I get how it works to make frames and move and all that stuff.
But will somebody explain in plain English step by step how to add art work.
I just ripping my hear out love some of the artwork out there but bugged if I can't get it into the interface.

jeffy162 03-19-17 09:00 AM

Please check the kgPanels wiki.

This explain's it very well.

Also, make sure that you have the latest version of kgPanels installed. That's r439 - alpha.*
*If you use the Curse Client to update your addons, your kgpanels installation should be up-to-date.

nemis 03-20-17 11:11 AM

Will try again:o

jeffy162 03-20-17 05:10 PM

You're welcome. I hope it works out for you.

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